How to Set Up Postback Tracking in AdsBridge

In this guide I am going to show you how to easily add your server-to-server postback url from AdsBridge into YTZ, so that your conversion data is passed back.

Step 1

Step one is getting the S2S postback url from your AdsBridge campaign and copying it to your clipboard.

Step 2

Step two is adding your postback to YTZ.

  • Login to YTZ and go to the Postback section of the dashboard.
  • Click Add Account Level Postback.
  • Make sure that the correct protocol is selected (http or https).
  • Paste your postback URL in the bottom section (without http:// or https:// included). 
  • Replace “YOUR NETWORK TOKEN” with YTZ’s macro {S1}. (Alternatively {S2} {S3} {S4} {S5} can be used). Append &amt={REVENUE} to automatically pass your payout.
  • Click Create Postback.


Step 3

When pulling links from YTZ Campaigns be sure to use the AdsBridge clickid macro < tid > in the matching subid field. Example: If your postback is set up like this:{S1}&amt={REVENUE}, Then your YTZ campaign link should look like this:

Have questions on how to set up YTZ as a AdsBridge campaign? Please see the AdsBridge tutorial here.

If you have any suggestions or improvements for this guide please contact us at [email protected].