How to Set Up An International Redirect in Everflow

Are you making the most of your traffic? If you do not currently have an international redirect in place, you are not monetizing your traffic to its full potential. Add YTZ’s smart link to the back-end of your campaigns or your fail traffic settings so that every click is delivered to an available offer. It takes 5 minutes to set up and the link will monetize ALL geos.

Step 1: Grab your offer link from YTZ

Login to your YTZ account and grab a campaign link to get started! If you need any assistance or have any questions about the campaigns, please reach out to your account manager.

In the YTZ dashboard, go to the Campaigns section on the left-hand side. Select campaign #20 – Mainstream Smart Link

Scroll down to the Tracking Link section and agree to the terms to generate your unique tracking link.

The next step is to configure the tracking parameters. Start by adding Everflow’s {transaction_id} token in the S1 box. It is also recommended that you pass source IDs through the KW field. To do so, add {affiliate_id} in the KW box. These will automatically update the URL below, where you can easily copy the link.

Since you are setting a global postback for your entire account, you can leave the postback section blank at the bottom for all of your campaigns.

Step 2: Create an offer in everflow & copy your postback

To create a new Offer, we recommend that you start by duplicating an existing successful Offer.
To duplicate an Offer, navigate to Offers - Manage > Find an existing Offer - Scroll to right and click on the three vertical dots > Copy Offer.

Editing the Offer
When you duplicate an Offer, you will start on the General tab for the duplicated Offer. On the General card, click Edit.
If you prefer to create an Offer from scratch instead of duplicating an existing Offer, navigate to Offers - Add.

Complete each of the following steps to properly configure your Offer.

1. General
Define the general settings for your Offer.

RECOMMENDED: Name, Status, Advertiser, Category, Currency.
Add your YTZ smart link to the Base Destination URL.

2. Revenue & Payout
Define the revenue and payout associated with both the base Conversion event (product purchase, App install, lead signup, etc.) and any associated Event's Conversion (Up-sell purchase, In-App Purchase, deposit, etc.)

Revenue = What you will earn from a Conversion of the Offer (Accounts Receivable)
Payout = What will be paid to the Partner (Accounts Payable)

RECOMMENDED: Set Name, Base Revenue Type, Amount, Base Payout Type, Fire Partner Postback and any Events.
For a deeper overview on defining revenue/payout - Click Here
For a deeper overview on adding post-Conversion events - Click Here
For a deeper overview on Advertiser level events (and Global Event postbacks) - Click Here

3. Tracking & Controls
Define settings related to tracking, Caps, and Partner permissions.

  • Conversion Method - Select Server Postback (S2S)
  • Force SSL - Recommended for optimal tracking reliability and security, enabling this toggle enforces the use of secure tracking links.
  • Caps - Sets limits on traffic volume according to your budgets or other necessary considerations. Since we are setting up the smart link you do not need to enable caps.
  • Visibility - We recommend setting to private.
  • Unique Session Identifier - Recommended choice here is 'Cookie', '1' for Session Duration, and 'Days' for Time Interval. The length of time indicates how long a click is considered a duplicate click, with the same cookie during that time frame.
  • Redirect Mode - Use Standard (302) as the default method for all offers as it is the fastest and most reliable way to redirect clicks. For SEO traffic, the method Redirect for the permanent move (301) may be used, which preserves the majority of the link equity for SEO purposes but could cause duplicate clicks to be dropped.

4. Attribution
Set additional parameters related to validating Clicks and Conversions. These features are not necessary for the smart link.

5. Targeting
Set requirements for which User’s Clicks should be accepted for the Offer. Clicks that don’t match with the traffic settings will show up as Invalid Clicks and will be sent to Fail Traffic (if enabled). The Targeting rules are based on the User's device and location, while language is detected from the User's browser.
For a deeper overview on Targeting - Click Here

6. Fail Traffic
Enabling Fail Traffic allows you set rules for where Invalid Clicks will be sent from this Offer. When disabled, Invalid Clicks will be sent to an empty page. The most effective tools for managing Fail Traffic is a YTZ Smart Link.
Enable Fail Traffic > Priority with Global Fail Redirect
For a deeper overview on redirecting failed traffic - Click Here
For a deeper overview on using Smart Links - Click Here

7. Creatives
We do not advise using creatives with the smart link.

8. Email
For Email Partners you can display approved 'Subject' and 'From' lines, implement suppression lists and more.
For a deeper overview on managing email traffic - Click Here

Copy your postback link.

Step 3: Add your postback to your ytz account

Login to YTZ and go to the Postback section of the dashboard.
Click Add Account Level Postback.
Make sure you have the correct protocol selected (http or https).
Paste your postback URL in the bottom section.
Replace ‘TRANSACTION_ID’ with {S1}
Add &amount={REVENUE} to the end of the URL
Remove &txid=OPTIONAL&status=OPTIONAL.
Click Create Postback.

Step 4: Enable Fail Traffic by Bulk Editing all Offers

{info} Everflow Walkthrough Video available here 
everflow walkthrough video

In Everflow go to Control Center > Configuration > Settings Card - Edit