How to Set Up International Redirects in HitPath

In this guide I am going to show you how to add redirects in HitPath.
Step 1:  Set up a new offer with the unique tracking link from here. For naming use **INT - Master Redirect** so that it is easier to find on top of the offer lists. Do not set any targeting or duplicate IP restrictions. Important: If you have Adult/Content lock / Incent you must identify this with either a separate campaign or appending &KW={CATEGORY} to your links.

Step 2:  Using Campaign Maintenance: Go to each standard offer, under the "4. Targeting Tab", and set the geo targeting to route "All other Traffic" to the international redirect offer.

Step 3:  Using Campaign Maintenance: In the "5. Duplicate Control" Tab, set the strict IP filter to redirect to the appropriate international redirect offer also.